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It has had a big impact on the efficiencies within our customer service and purchasing groups.
A Bean, Van Meter
Before SiMAN, I was always on the phone (as much time on hold, as I was talking) with a vendor, because the ID's and passwords just got too confusing; and for a lot of different reasons, the same password could not be used.
C Martin, Stuart Irby
 SiMAN Login
 Fishing with an Extra Net
 Shipment Tracking
 Internet Initiatives
 Distributor Extranet Usage
 Get Connected
A single sign-on solution that quickly deploys extranet access to every user for all manufacturers. No phone. No hassle. Just answers.
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Why limit your marketing efforts to users that arrive on your site, or to publications that may not reach your intended audience? adTrace delivers your message to your audience in a setting where they are looking for answers.
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Extranet Consulting
Extranet providers face several signifacnt challenges in todays market. How do you effectively offer enhanced business solutions? How do you manage individual level access, maintain and rotate secure passwords? What happens when someone leaves from a client? Do they still have access? Contact SUPPLIER-INFO for solutions that enable your employees and secure your network.
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